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About Chiz

A Look into the ChiZZY Mind
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What is Chiz? Or what is a Chiz?


IT’S ME!!!


Chiz is my name.


Like all names it was given to me.  It is not the name that marks my birth certificate, nor the name chosen by my mother and father.  The name they gave their first born child is Stephanie Chisholm.      Chiz is the name given to me later in life by of all people my friends.  It makes me smile just to think about it. The name has stuck to me like gum in my hair for years.


I love it!!!


The name Chiz morphs at times like most things do over time into derivatives of the Chiz base, to Chiztina, Chiztallena and on and on.  But it always comes back to Chiz.



The Chizzy Mind


Let’s look into the Chizzy Mind.  The Artist’s Mind.


I paint from my heart.


Which is a happy heart & I strive to infuse my creative passion into all of my art so that it flows like electricity through the eyes of the subject on the canvas and into eyes of the viewer.


Penguin Princess Final 5 x 7 - 21 March 2013
I have created art since the time my mother put a crayon into my hand as a child.  Before I could read.  I was hooked that very first time with just that crayon and a coloring book.  I had the answer to my life’s purpose in my baby hands with that first crayon my mother gave me.



 WHY Animals?



 They Speak to my heart & I can see them in a Joyful & Truth Way.  It may be by on brand of truth but I want to share it with you.
Come with me & be free to forever frolick, play and being happy.  Let my animal make you smile for part of your day as you watch them.



I invite you to feel the passion in my art and own a piece of that joy.


 A for Alligator from Alphabet City by Stephanie Chisholm



 Some things that happen on my journey here:



The Education of Chiz

Cornell University CrestGraduated from Cornell University – where I had great fun burning the dragon.







Post Graduate Work

Art Students League of New YorkI continued building art collections in the studios at

Art Students League of New York











Bronx Council of the ArtsWinner of the Brio Fellowship awarded by the Bronx Council of  Arts for New York City.

St. Gaudens Medal

THe St. Gaudens Medal for Fine Draughtsmanship, School Art LeagueAwarded St. Gaudens Medal for Fine Draughtsman ship for Merit from the School Art League of New York at The Metropolitan Museum of Art – New York City









Collections in Art Institutions
  • New York Public LibraryThe New York Public Library Permanent Print Collection


  • The Permanent Collection of the Art Students League of New York


  • The New York City Health & Hospital Corporation Art Collection


  • Longwood Art Gallery of New York








NYC Art For Transit Permanent Collection

mta arts for Transit


Finalist for  the NYCTA Permanent Art Collection for TWO subway stations


  • The Bronx Zoo Subway Station
  • Parkchester Subway Station




Projects & Collections

Alphabet City

T for Turtle Web  abc

Alphabet City is one of my First Series as a full time artist.

It follows a group of amazingly cute animals thru the New York City as the walk thru the alphabet.

I try to capture their joy of living in the city that never sleeps.

Panda Party

Momma Daddy baby Panda cuddlingYes, Everyone loves pandas!!!

When I first started selling, I was as at least five time a day, ” Do you have any PANDAS!!!”

Well now I have Plenty!

  • New York Frolicking Pandas
  • Baby Pandas
  • Family Pandas
  • Pandas Pandas Pandas



New Baby Series

Timmy - Web - Square - Marked - 11 March 2012


 Some things thatAs baby we all are quite round.

So let’s see those round cute Babies!!!


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